Sunday, February 20, 2011

Music vs. Music

Heard a comment yesterday about music in the church. "We can either make the old guy feel comfortable or we can reach his grandchild." On the surface, we all go..."YEA! We want to reach the young." But...really? It's either or? You can't do both? Those are my only choices? I don't think so. I think that if the church is made up of different age groups, then you view it like a one-room schoolhouse. They ALL have to be reached at some point. They ALL have to get attention. They ALL have to know that they are important. Why would you purposely leave out one group because YOU don't like to play that kind of music? YOU don't feel comfortable slowing it down, pulling from the archives of fabulous hymns that are out there, YOU don't like to listen to that sort of music? Who should be the one to put themselves aside in this case? The audience member or the leader? Traditional music lovers (and I love it too) love to demonize contemporary music lovers (and I love it too). But, I think that contemporary music lovers do the same evidenced in the statement I heard yesterday. As the fabulous theologian, Rodney King, once said, "Can't we all just get along?"

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FourGirls 4 and under said...

Yeah, that's kind of a strange comment. I feel that the problem always starts when we focus on pleasing people and not on pleasing God. I have my own preferences with music but find when my heart is right I can worship with almost anything. And I appreciate when the emphasis is put on the quality of the music (no sound glitches, words displayed correctly, good singers, etc.) It's so distracting when mistakes are made.