Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Living the Undreamed Dream

My kids are always amazed when they find out something about me that they didn't know before. I guess I was like that with my folks too, but it amuses me nonetheless. I remember being so much younger and actually having dreams and thoughts of my own. Most of those have not come to pass, but it's ok.... My dreams in my younger years were for experiences that I wanted to have...things I wanted to do...all about me, basically. Dreams for achievement and accolades. Dreams for fun and frivolity. As I have gotten older, (dare I say "matured"), my dreams have turned a bit more outward focused. Dreams for others. Dreams for God and His glory. I could let myself get very defeated about this, if I chose to think that way. Yes, I had wanted to get my private pilot's license and never did....yes, I wanted to get my master's degree in educational administration...so many others. BUT...what was the point of those things? To make me happy? To bring me some sort of fulfillment? To bring security to my life? I have all those things already in the form of undreamed dreams! I have a fabulous husband...five great children...a beautiful home...a wonderful, quirky extended family...I get to stay at home and teach my own children and watch their eyes light up when they get it...I get to volunteer for things much greater than myself and make a difference... In short...I am living the dream! It's just a different dream than I used to have. But oh! so much better of a dream!

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