Monday, August 13, 2012

Life is phenomenal!....I do want to clarify that.  I was told today that my posts have been angst-filled of late, and though I don't completely agree, I can see where that might be perceived.

My posts have been real.  What I have been thinking about lately.  Questions I have had.  Little things I am going through or feeling.  But I must highlight the word "little".  The things that cross my mind are not issues.  They are not crucial.  They are just things. 

Some are nusances.  Some are gnats buzzing around my ears.  Some are bigger.  But my God is bigger still.  My blessings overflow.  My life is amazingly wonderful.

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Marie said...

Hi Lisa,

Great to see this site. That's alright. Your authenticity captures me. Keep posting. I pray your family will be having a smooth transition to Italy. The Lord multiply your harvest.

In Christ,