Monday, October 12, 2009

Bailey's Town: Udine

Our first full day in Italy we spent touring around Bailey's town of Udine. It is a town of about 150,000 people...not small! But fun and quaint still.
Above: a market on Wednesdays in Udine.
One of the many roundabouts in Udine! This one is particularly beautiful with the tree in the middle of it. This is pretty close to Bailey's apartment.
One of the banks in Udine...just loved the BRIGHT yellow color of the building.
A florist at the market...stunning!
Last time I was in Italy, I was captivated by the doors of Rome. This time, I was entranced by the shutters. This is really the bavarian influence since Udine is so close to the Austrian/German border. These are all working shutters that actually get closed nightly! So enjoy the next many pics of windows/shutters.

I will post more tomorrow...this was just day one of the trip...and only part of the pics of day one. Just a taste of what we saw and experienced along the way.

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