Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've Done it Again--Not Good!

I have had a problem with my tongue in the past. It is why God took me out of the workforce, I know. Over the years, God has worked on me gently...sometimes I didn't get the gentle message, and I required stronger measures.

I have done pretty well with this issue and have seen how mightily God has invaded me by the lack of need for using my tongue viciously! He has done a great work in me. Praise God!

Today, I realized that I had fallen back into the familiar pattern of using my tongue too much and in the wrong manner. OUCH! The pain I am feeling at this moment after having God reveal this to me is almost too much to bear! How could I do this again? When will I really learn this? Why do I let Satan overcome me with such force? Why am I so weak?

So...I am human and not God. I am fallible and He is not. I am weak and He is strong. I am a sinner and He is perfect. But I am also seeing that He is with me working in me and through me and I know that even the depth of my sorrow at this failing is evidence of the Spirit in me.

Thank you God for loving me enough to continue working on me.

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