Monday, March 8, 2010


I have been pondering the passing of time recently. My oldest, Bailey, is about to turn 20 in a few short weeks. 20! Wow! If you had asked me within her first year, what our life would have been like when she turned 20, I couldn't have begun to know. It was so far in the future. It was too far away to even be real. Well...I turned around twice and here it is...the future...the reality.

So....I have been thinking about my next daughter, Darby. She just had a birthday and I am, once again, realizing how quickly time goes. She was a difficult baby....thought sleep was overrated...enjoyed hearing her own voice (cried a lot!)....and felt the world revolved around her. The days with her were long. I thought she would never sleep through the night! Many of the days dragged on for several years, I am sure. But I have just figured it up and I have only 206 weeks until she is driving and her world really opens up! 206 short weeks to pour into her all the things I want her to know before she discovers many of these things on her own. 206 weeks to remind her of her place in Jesus.

Not long...not enough time...

How do I redeem the time? How do I make the most of each moment?


The Cornelisons said...

You are so funny to have figured out the weeks until she can drive?!?! Do as you do with all your children and pour your love onto them and your love for Christ. None of them can overlook that.

amy said...

This was such a good reminder for me Lisa. The days are long, but the years are short.