Sunday, February 28, 2010


In preparation for the Beth Moore simulcast "So Long, Insecurity", I am reading her book by the same name. OUCH! is what I have to say! Most every word is hitting home....and not in a good way either.

I have known mostly forever that I have insecurity issues and a bit of inferiority complex thrown in the mix. I have known most of that time that I tend to try to get my sense of security from the wrong sources. But to have to read my life in the pages of a book written by another...well, that's just rude!

Beth Moore mentions that whenever you look at someone and think, "They must have a great life because they are ________.", then that is probably one of the areas you are most insecure.'s true for me! I have two areas that I could use to fill in that blank....areas I think of as my biggest weaknesses...areas that I think, deep in my heart, if those areas were changed, I would be happy, fulfilled, content, joyful, etc...

I am learning....slowly....that I need to be content where God has me....with the "weak" areas God has for me...putting my security in Jesus and Jesus alone! I have been a Christian for almost 34 years, and I am just know beginning to learn the tip of the iceberg about who God is and the amazing work He has already done for me! Whew....I AM a slow learner!

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The Costner Family said...

I bought that book, too! I know I have insecurities, one major one anyway, and I was hoping this book would help me deal with it. Let me know if it's any good. (I'm reading "Lies Women Believe", so I'm waiting to finish it before starting Beth's book.) I'm an extremely slow learner as well. I think God is finally getting through to me on some things, but it's taken me a LONG time. Thanks for sharing your experiences; it's good to know that other Christian women are going through the same things I am.