Monday, February 8, 2010

Wife Bear

Ben always says that I have that "mama bear" instinct in me...and I must say that it is true. Try something with my kids, and my instinct kicks in and it isn't always pretty. But I have found over the years that I also have a "wife bear" instinct as well!

When I see my man hurting, angry, frustrated, or depressed over something that others have done...I get angry!

I am that way right now! Ben is undergoing anger, frustration, and questioning because of the actions of one person and there is nothing I can do to take it away. I am praying fervently for him. I am with him standing ready to do anything he might need. I am his advocate and truth-teller. I am more than willing to tell him when he is the one at fault and needs to change his thinking. But I am also just as willing to stand with him acknowledging the difficulty of the situation and joining with him in prayer.

I desperately want Ben's innocence and blamelessness in this matter to be out front, but I know that is also the wrong thing to want God to get the glory from whatever is happening and from our reactions to it!

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