Thursday, February 11, 2010

A New Perspective!

Friends....ever feel like life has gotten you down? Ever feel overwhelmed at your situation? Ever think that God doesn't see what is happening to you? Ever having trouble having joy in any and every situation?

The brother of friends of ours just recently died recently from cancer and the link below is his wife's response to his death. It is remarkable, convicting, and so inspiring! God is honored, uplifted, and praised!

After you read this, you can't help but feel better about every situation you are going through!

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The Cornelisons said...

Oh my, that was very powerful Lisa. My father passed away from skin cancer when I was only a year and a month old - my mother was 34 with 3 children. I can only hope she had as wonderful of a perspective as this young lady. I have often feared that God would lead me down the same path and I can't say that I would feel as ok as this lady did. What a wonderful testament to her faith in God. Thank you for sharing.