Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About Face

Today has started out interestingly. I have had to face some of the uglies about myself and it's not pretty! It has dawned on me that God is using this as a lesson...and I'd like to go ahead and learn whatever He has for me and not have to go through this again.

Here is what has happened:

I received an email that relayed some ugly things said about the way I have handled an event that I am in charge of. My pride instantly got wounded....if that person only knew the amount of hours I have put into much I cared about this. The accusations were hurtful.

But as I began speaking my frustrations aloud, it hit me that this was an opportunity for me to allow God to work through me. What a novel idea! Stopping my natural self...curbing my "right" to defend myself...forfeiting my ability to "teach" this person what is right and wrong...

So...what started out as frustrating, maddening, and upsetting...has turned out to be a great day where I am excited about how God is going to use He is going to work through He is going to mature me...if only a little bit!

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Cheryl said...

What a great attitude to have. I admire you.