Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Faith Has a Firm Foundation!

We have had three families we know recently experience difficult situations. All believers. All profess to have complete faith in God and in the finishing work of His son Jesus.

It has been interesting to see the different reactions to these circumstances and their faith in the process.

Two have experienced deaths...we would call them untimely. Both so young! Both left behind a spouse and two children. One was sudden and the other drawn out and expected.

The spouses have both been so stalwart in their their trust of God during difficult God-honoring in their evangelical in their responses to others.

The other family experienced an unplanned pregnancy. No death, except for the death of saying goodbye to a loved one; in fact they got to say hello to the sweet life that came into their family! God-honoring questioning, but anger, disappointment, and frustration.

Why the difference in the three families? Why are two families resting in the comfort and peace from Jesus and the other is fighting with all they have?

I have been encouraged by the two and heartbroken by the third. I have seen the face of Jesus in the two and brought to my knees in prayer by the third. I have renewed faith and vigor by the two and a saddened spirit by the third.

How do you react to difficult trials? Do you feel as though God has abandoned you and left you to the world? Do you feel as though He is bolstering you and preparing you for some other purpose later in life? Do you feel like you and your difficulties are just a small part of God's great plan or does God exist to make your life happy?

I don't always answer these questions the way I would like. My faith gets shaken. Questions arise. But the two families have maybe gone through these events just for strengthen my resolve that God is good....that Jesus loves me....and they have great plans for my life!

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