Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fight the Fight!

I am remembering the line at the end of all fairy tales....and they lived happily ever after. As I get sucked into a fairy tale, the ups and downs, the scary and funny parts....the line at the end seems to be just what I want to hear. Isn't it what we all want to hear?

The reality is....the end of the fairy tale is only the beginning of life! You can't just write off a lifetime in one fell swoop of "they lived happily ever after" and it's over. The same bumps and pitfalls that brought that couple together in the fairy tale are still there after they finally come together! They don't go away.

Life is hard. Things get in the way of that forever happiness. Now...that's not to say that it isn't all worth it....it IS worth it! But it's hard nonetheless.

If it was worth the fight to get together, then it's worth the fight to stay together. Champion the cause! Be your spouse's best defender!

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Mary Grace Biggs said...

I think people write romances with "Happily ever afters" because people like romances and they might be good a writing it. PLUS at the end of the romance book they always get married. THAT'S THE PERFECT STOPPING PLACE TO END THE BOOK. See if you have a after marriage book there's no good place to stop. It either the same romance over and over or the same obstacles over and over. People now days usually have short time expatiation and to read the same obstacles over and over would be 'boring' to them However if is a romance of obstacles BEFORE the wedding: What a perfect book of romance.

I myself am actually writing a book called "After the Wedding" its about a woman narrating her life AFTER the wedding and that its not all hunky-dory. She says in the book that there are just as many obstacles after the wedding as there are before. (Or maybe more obstacles after the wedding.)

But you're absolutely right that AFTER THE ROMANCE AND WEDDING is the beginning of a lifetime together.

Course I'm probably getting my facts messed up in my books cuz I myself am not married so there for I cant see what its like to be married and write it down.