Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reviewing Blessings of 2011

Each year, on New Year's Day, we review our blessings from the previous year and create our Gratefulness Globes. Today was no different....we began by reading the blessings that we put into our blessing box throughout the year. What fun to read those and remember things that happened in the year! For example, I had forgotten that our air conditioning had gone out over the summer. (how could I forget that?) Well....there were several blessings written about that getting fixed! :)

So we begin anew with filling up our blessing box. What a joy and privilege to recount our blessings....the things that God provides for us!!

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PsychologyBlog said...

That is very interesting way to count your blessings. I tend to look over the main blessings that directly impact my life. The great people i meet. the Tully honest people that share no judgement upon meeting them. I really like your method and i hope your blessings are more than ever!