Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Loving Through Sin

How do you react to someone who has sinned....and the consequences are obvious? Do you shun them? Do you embrace them and let them know you love them? Do you pretend you don't notice?

My dear friend has someone she knows who is having to begin the process of living with an obvious consequence of a sin. My friend is so very gracious and is loving her friend through this process. I love that about her!

Do we think, for some reason, that because the sins we have committed don't have such obvious consequences, that we are better than anyone else? I don't think so! Sin is sin.

I am proud of my friend and her love toward others. The reality is that we all sin....our children all sin....we will all continue to sin. When I mess up, I would prefer to have people who love me, keep our friendship through the whole thing. I will probably have already beat myself up more than enough.

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Mary Grace Biggs said...

Well that depends I suppose. If the person knows they have sinned (as well as the persons friends) and will know about their consequences I think you should comfort your friend. With out making a big deal out of it. You cant tell your friend not to sin but you can persuade but at the end its the persons dissension if they want to sin and face the consequences. Every sin you commit will have a consequence at the end.
You don't want to shun them out because a good friend would never leave a friend and I'm pretty sure you don't want to act like you dint noticed because they might keep sinning and meeting consequences. When people are about to get into sin and they know it they are so into the sin their about to commit that they don't care about the consequences until they are done with their sin and then they are frightened by the consequences. They seem to forget about their consequences (depending on the sin. Sometimes you don't want to face the consequences) and do the sin right again.
I'm sorry I probably dint make any sense in my monologueing...
Mary Grace B