Thursday, May 17, 2012

As a mom, I love seeing my kids grow up.  Though, sometimes that is bittersweet, I thoroughly enjoy that process of them developing their own thoughts on life and beginning to branch out. 

I remember when I was pregnant with my girls, I had seemingly everyone in the known world tell me to enjoy them while they are little because once they became teenagers, life was going to be extremely difficult with them.  Well...needless to say, that was very scary to hear and put a certain dread within me as my first daughter got closer and closer to those teen years.

I am very pleased to say that the teen years and beyond have been my favorite so far!  I love the time, talks, and treats with my teen girls.  It is special and lovely and I wouldn't trade that time for anything.

So, as much as I love these years, as a Christian mom, I love seeing my children begin working in their giftings to serve others even more!  There is an inexplicable joy in seeing a child start to know the gifts and talents God has placed within her and then use those for the joy of others.

Bailey, my oldest, is 22 and has a true gift of organization and administration.  She currently works at our church in the early childhood department.  She sets schedules for the classrooms, organizes parents, heads up training, and works on special events.  It is a beautiful thing to watch her blossom in this area and it is very exciting to think about the next thing for Bailey and where God will use her skills next.

Darby, my second oldest, is 14 and has a gift of singing and playing piano.  She uses her gifts at our church to work on the worship team for the youth.  She works on this team on Wednesday nights at the worship time before their Bible studies begin and then on Sunday mornings and Sunday nights for other youth times.  Darby has been asked to help lead the worship for the upcoming Senior Night.  When she sings, I know she is making God smile, as she uses her gifts to bring glory to God and helps to bring others into a time of true worship.

Kally, my third daughter, is 10 and has a gift of working with babies.  She is magnetically drawn to little ones and they seem to adore her as well.  She is such a help when she goes to church and uses her gifts to work in the childcare area.  She helps during MOPS and Sunday night life group times.  It is quite stunning to watch her face lighten up when she sees a baby and the mom of that little one let's Kally pick up the baby and play with her.  What a joy to see!

It takes my breath away to know that God has placed these gifts, and more, within my sweet girls and that they are edifying the body of Christ, and bringing God glory with them!  Ben and I have worked hard to teach our children how to serve and I am humbled to see it lived out in my children.

I don't know about my two boys yet....I trust that God will continue to work within their lives and hearts as they grow and that I will get to see them use their abilities for the glory of God as well!

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