Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just to chronicle what God has been doing.  I don't want to forget HIS hand in all of this!  As we keep taking steps towards going to Italy, God has been active in letting us know that we are doing the right thing up to this point.

1.  Our daughter's endocrinologist is excited about our opportunity and is doing all she can to help us in our endeavor!  A true answer to prayer!

2.  Our friends over there already see an endocrinologist, so we might already have a doctor for our daughter!

3.  Our friends are also going to the local pharmacy and checking on whether they carry the brand of insulin we need.

4.  Some stress has been relieved here to make it easier to work on the preparations!  This is huge!

5.  God has opened a door with EFCA ReachGlobal to maybe be able to be sent as a EFCA missionaries.

6.  Through EFCA, we are beginning talks with the head of the EFCA team in Rome and he already knows and has only the kindest of words for the head of Italian Ministries (the agency we would also be partnering with)!  What an amazing provision.

7.  Emails and facebook messages are flying back and forth with quick responses.  This is exciting to me as many times quick responses are nowhere to be found and many times things can't be done until the next response is received.

8.  We have a skype date with the head of Italian Ministries tomorrow morning.

9.  Only three birth certificates left to get in the mail!  We had to order everyones' "long form" certificate.  Fortunately, we could order them all online!

10.  I found our long form marriage certificate so I don't have to order that as well.

God is making HIMSELF so evident in all of this!  It's humbling to think that HE is so active in our lives and that we are able to recognize it now and not just as we look back! What a privilege.

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The 6 of Us said...

So excited for you!