Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I have just finished doing the Bible study, "James Mercy Triumphs" by Beth Moore.  It is an amazing study.  We not only learned about the author of the book of James, that he was Jesus' half brother, and ended up being one of the elders of the Jerusalem church (after being a total unbeliever while Christ was alive); but we also were challenged to really put our faith into practice....to put feet to our faith.  I am grateful for the gals who did the study with me.  They were, and are, a true blessing to me!

Just as I am finishing this study and having the thought of practicing my faith in the forefront of my mind, Ben and I are heading out for a couple days to really discuss our future.  We are wondering where God is taking us after seminary.  We are praying for closed doors, as in reality, all doors are open and we can technically go anywhere.  God is already answering our prayer.  Doors are beginning to close and we are thrilled!

I can't wait to get out of town tomorrow with Ben and begin the conversation.

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