Thursday, June 21, 2012

I took the kids to the park today.  Not just any old in-our-neighborhood park, but an amazing one!  One we had to prepare for.  Food was bought.  The cooler was filled.  The driving commenced and 20  minutes later, we were there!

Friends of ours went also.  Every child had someone to play with.  They ran with abandon.  The smiles seemed to go on forever.  They could come over and get food without question at any time.  You know...kid Utopia.

I warned the kids about 20 minutes before we were going to leave and every 5 minutes after that.  They knew it was coming.  Trash began to be collected.  Every trace that we were there was disappearing.  I called for them to come and say good-bye to all.

That's when my youngest began asking about a friend coming over.  NO.  Could he go to someone else's house?  NO.  The crying and yelling commenced.

I get puzzled over this behavior.  I have just done something unusual for them.  Went out of the way.  Gave them a day they have asked for.  And the result (with this child in particular) is not appreciation, but complaints...wanting satisfaction.

I have begun to wonder if I do that with God.  He gives me something amazing.  He goes out of His way.  He gives me a day just like I asked for.  Am I appreciative?  Do I complain?  Do I always want more?

I think I am more like my youngest child than my older ones.  I am pained by that...but certainly now see a perspective and a way in which I can grow.  Thank you, God, for giving me ways to see myself and ways to grow closer to you.

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