Sunday, June 10, 2012

I have been thinking about my friendships through the years lately.  It dawned on me a couple of weeks ago, that my style of friendships and where I fit in them is exactly the same now as when I was in high school.  *sigh*

In high school, I knew a lot of people in a lot of different groups.  I had friends in the cool group.  I had friends in the smart group.  I had friends in the doper group (our school actually had a smoking area and the dopers hung out there).  Anyway, you get the idea.  I wasn't really in any of those groups, but I was on the periphery and whenever a group needed more people for something, I would be called to join.  It was fun most of the time.  But I also didn't have a group of my own.  And at times, that made for some lonely times.  (don't feel sorry for me, it is just the way it was)

In college, things changed a bit and I had a group of my own and it was lovely!  But even within the group, there was another core group and I wasn't it that. But I usually had guys and girls I could call on to go and do anything at most anytime.

Now as a grown up, I am back to high school status.  I have a lot of great acquaintances in various groups.  I am not in a particular group.  I get called to join in on things when any certain group needs/wants more people to join.

It is an interesting existence really.  Sometimes it is amazing, fun, and great.  Other times, it is lonely, boring, and difficult.  Bizarre to be almost 50 and still be similar to when I was 15.  I guess that saying, "the more things change, the more they stay the same" is the motto for my relationships with others.  I do know that I have been blessed in recent years to know so many different kinds of people. 

Just my own personal observation.

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