Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Suddenly we heard thunder....the sky was getting darker....the wind was kicking up.  That is what happened this morning while swimming with friends.  Fortunately, we had already been there for well over an hour and it was just about time for us to go anyway.

As I was waiting for our friends to get their things together so that we could all leave at the same time, I looked up.  That's when God spoke to me.

I watched the hawks, swallows, and grackles soaring.  Not feverishly flapping their wings, but resting with wings outstretched and just going where the currents would take them.  They looked as if they didn't have a care in the world.  Odd, really, since just beyond them, higher up in the sky were the gathering dark clouds of an impending storm.  The clouds were really moving, you could tell the air was moving quickly and with much force as the clouds swirled and danced and got darker and darker.  But the birds were just soaring.

God, in just the flash of a lightning bolt, said to me:  " like the birds and just rest.  As the world looks more menacing, rest even more in Me.  Let me help you soar."


Gregg Stutts said...

I love this, Lisa!

Unknown said...

That is so awesome....really love that picture. When can we talk??? I need a Lisa is true. This next year will have highs and lows, and know that the Lord is fully in control of all. (easy for me to say about you...:) ) love you.

Karin Vollbrecht said...