Saturday, July 21, 2012

I was scouring the hoard of kids running towards us, looking for the three sweet faces that belonged to me.  I found one....then another one...where was the third one?  There she was!  I finally found her.  My eyes watered.  My heart beat fast.  My smile was from ear to ear.

Last week our three little ones had the opportunity to attend T Bar M day camp.  It was amazing!  They heard the word of God, made new friends, played all day, and were generally worn out at the end of every day.

On Friday, instead of the normal pick up routine, there was an end-of-week ceremony.  Ben and I were sitting in the audience waiting with all the other parents for the kids to come in and do their thing.  For just a moment, I watched the parents and saw the same thing on their faces that I was sure was on mine!  Where is MY child?!  With just looking at the parents' faces, I could instantly tell when they saw their child.  Smiles, shoulders relaxed, cameras brought up to their eye...all the tell tale signs of pride, love, belonging, safety....ownership (if you will allow the term).

It hit me that this is what God must do constantly all day long.  He sees me, searching the faces for mine (or any who belong to Him).  He spots me.  A smile breaks out on His face knowing the amount that He loves me.  How much He is proud of me.  How I belong to Him. 

What a great feeling knowing that I belong.  I am safe.  I am loved.  I have made my Daddy proud....just by being me.  Nothing special that I have done.  No special way I look.  No special words that I say.  He is the Great I Am....and I am His great love!

I was able to watch the ceremony being wholly content.  The love and grace I have been shown by God is just what I am attempting to show to my kids.  I love that!

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