Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We take service seriously in our family.  I love that we do!  I try to find ways for my children to serve and Ben and I do our best to serve wherever and whenever we can.  In fact our family motto is:  Love God, Serve Others.

Service has been a theme lately around here.  A friend of mine and I were talking the other day and she said she was challenged recently by someone asking her, "Are you raising your children to serve or to be served?"  Interesting question, isn't it?''

Well...I am always grateful for the opportunities that God provides for me to serve others.  Yesterday was that day!  I was able to go to a sweet friend's house and help with her 4 little ones (ages 6 and under).  What a fun time.  I was able to run to the store for her and get a couple of things; and then helped as the kids made cutout cookies. 

While at her house, I received a text saying that another friend was sick and asked if her kids could spend the night.  Her husband was on a mission trip and she was single-parenting it for a couple more days.  She had a bad stomach bug and would have had a hard time being a mama to her three kids (8 and under).  We had a great time with them at out home last night.  They were terrific!

I am sure that those women felt like someone was there for them and appreciated the help, but the biggest blessing was for me.  To be able to serve, help others in need, and lift a small burden from them....well....all I can say is thank you God for that opportunity.  I love when I say YES to God!

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Randy Powell said...

Thanks for sharing Lisa! It takes a very conscious effort on our parts to raise children the way we should.

Thank you for being such a great example and inspiration.