Monday, August 17, 2009

Frito Chili Pie in a Bag

We are finally back from our around the mid-west/west vacation! Along the way, I was introduced to two really fun recipes (ok...the word 'recipe' might be a stretch!) and thought that I would introduce one of them to you today. If you like frito chili pie, you'll love this! If you have kids, they will love this! If you ever have people over, they will love this!
Ingredients: individual bags of fritos, honey, chili, cheese.
Open the bag of fritos and then do a bit of crushing so the pieces aren't so big.

Spoon in the chili.

Add a drizzle of honey, and then add the cheese. Mix with a spoon. (If you use a plastic spoon, you can throw the whole thing away! Bonus...)

Darby liked it...too busy eating to look at the camera.

Kally liked it too! We all loved it! Hope you do too!


Melissa Williams said...

YUMMY!! I love those things...I'm going to have to try it, never made them with honey! Sounds good! Glad you had a wonderful vacation!

amy said...

Now that is a brillant idea! And fun to eat too! We will have to have that with my family when we go camping. Perfect for that too!

Amber said...

Cute recipe idea! Glad you have you back blogging again! Missed you!

Cheryl said...

Welcome back by the way - and what a great, easy, and yummy idea. Thanks for sharing