Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lots of Stuff Crammed into This Week

Tomorrow night is the payment night for REACH Homeschool Co-op. It is logistically very tricky to plan it so people aren't waiting in line for hours! Did I tell you that I am the co-director of this leviathon....this monster, we call co-op? Floods of emails, registration forms, printing mega-amounts of things, taking phone calls, making phone calls, emailing people back...some emails not getting through (the reason I have received my first venomous email among the avalanche of positive comments!) Huge amounts of work to be done. Huge amounts of praying needs to be done. Huge amounts of grace needs to pour out of me, almost like it's supernatural or something...hmmmm.?

Tuesday night is my first night of teaching a Bible study in a long time. For those of you LR gals, you will roll your eyes to know that I am teaching Attending the Bride of Christ! Sorry, but when I was asked to teach, I thought, "OK, I can teach, but I have to be able to teach something I have already taught to make the first semester a bit easier on me!" So...that's what I am doing. Lots of being on my knees. Lots of thoughts running through my mind (am I worthy of doing this? am I up to the challenge?) Lots of time to prepare. (time is one thing I don't have a lot of right now)

Wednesday some dear friends are coming from Little Rock to have dinner! We are so excited to see them, catch up, see pics of the kids and how they've grown, and just breathe with the ease of being with old friends. Many smiles, many hugs, many outbursts of laughter are in my future!

Friday is Rainey's birthday party. Though his birthday isn't until the 11th, we wanted to have the party before Bailey leaves. He is excited as we all are! Six years old is big for a little guy. Where has all the time gone? When will I ever be ok with them getting older? Why am I so emotional about his slowly becoming a man?

Saturday Bailey leaves. The first heart God put on the outside of my body is winging her way overseas to work for the glory of God! I couldn't be prouder. I couldn't be sadder. I couldn't be more emotional every other minute of the day! A huge part of me will always be where my kids are and so for a short time, part of me will be bringing her God-given gifts, talents, and personality to the people of Italy.

So my week goes....happy, sad, bittersweet, tiring...all at once. I think I will come home on Saturday from the airport, cry myself to sleep for a bit of a nap, and then get up and take care of the other hearts I have walking around on the outside of my body.


Nitzia said...

how great that you are teaching attending the bride of Christ again!! that has been one of my most favorite Bible studies ever! i still remember every detail of the jewish wedding process, i just fell in love with it:)

amy said...

You have a lot goin' on! Just a lot of neat memories being made, growing up, and gifts being used. I love what you said, "get up and take care of the other hearts I have walking around on the outside of my body". Brought tears to my eyes. So true, so true! You just don't realize how much love your parents have for you until you have your own. And mine is only 4 months old. :)