Thursday, August 27, 2009


Bailey and I began working on getting her packed for Italy tonight! I must say that I have rarely laughed as hard as I did while helping her! She is just plain ridiculous with how much she is bringing! I will show the saga.
Stuff (which I lovingly call 'crap')! We had to pack in the hallway because her room was so full of to follow! :)

Fabulous pic of her room! Why couldn't we fit the stuff in there to work on the packing? I can't even begin to understand!

Her bed! Ewww....gross! She is normally my total neat freak! Truly...I mean it!

Last picture of her room...ridiculous! Oh...yeah...while we are packing Ben is busy...real busy!

Hallway where we are packing. Are you kidding?

Bailey surrounded by the bags and bags and bags and bags.....of stuff! Have I told you how ridiculous this is?

Bailey hard at work waiting for me to help!

Progress!'ll have to trust me on that one!
For all the kidding, rolling of the eyes (on my part), and ridiculousness....I am so proud of her for going on this mission trip. God is really doing a work in her and I am confident, will do a work through her!

Oh yeah...forgot to show the three month supply of makeup! Are you kidding me? This much make up would last me the rest of my life! :)


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh too. When I got my first overseas assignment it was for TWO YEARS. I was able to bring one large suitcase for TWO YEARS.

My how times have changed.

Love you, Bailey,
Lisa A.

Amber said...

Teenagers are so funny! I'm glad she is getting to go...this will be a wonderful experience for her! I bet you are one proud momma!

Jill said...

LOL!!!!! She may regret some of this as she is carrying it all around the airport! LOL! What fun memories!