Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to Beat the Texas Heat!


The kids went to the dollar store today and Kally used her money to buy water balloons! They came home and Ben and I quickly filled 100 of those little buggers!
As you can see from the 'grass', we haven't had rain in....well..almost Noah-like proportions!
The kids all seemed to have a great time.
Poor Rawley couldn't quite match the speed and skill that Rainey demonstrated.

Rainey was quite the skillful thrower! Hardly got wet, but certainly was strategic in the wetness of others!

Smiles all around!
Thank you Dollar Tree!


The Costner Family said...

What fun! Nathan loves water balloons, too. Please tell me how in the world you filled 100 balloons quickly. It took me 30 minutes to fill a bucket full and I'm pretty sure there weren't 100 in there.

Candice said...

I remember that Texas heat...water balloons sounds like it could beat it for a while! We miss you!