Friday, August 21, 2009

Orange Icicles?

I come downstairs the other day and I see all these little nerf missiles attached to a small metal plate on our ceiling. Rainey had been shooting his nerf Star Wars gun up at the ceiling trying to aim.
This was how Rainey saw it as he laid on the ground.
I love how different the boys are from the girls!


amy said...

LOL Love it!

Nitzia said...

so funny!!! and he did really good:)

Cheryl said...

pretty good aim!

The Costner Family said...

Rainey has pretty good aim! Nathan likes to aim at the walls and windows because they stick easier. But, he has been known to take aim at anyone walking by. I will say, though, you should be glad you found all the bullets in one place. When Nathan plays with his Nerf guns, there is no telling where I will find one and it'll be weeks after he's played with them when I DO find them. But, that's usually after he and Marcus have had a Nerf fight. Boys will be boys, even when they are men. :)