Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have been following the journey of our friends who are in Korea as I write this, finalizing the process of adopting the bringing home their new daughter, Carys. They have prayed for so long, gone through the paperwork, people in their home checking on things, and waiting the long wait of beaurocracy. They received the phone call last Monday that all that was needed was for their family to get to Korea and meet their little girl!

How exciting it all has been! I have been reminded of people that we think of as "overnight sensations". Rarely, if ever, does that literally happen! There is usually a lot of waiting and preparation on the front end that never gets seen and then, to us, the public, one day there they are...up on the big screen entertaining us! That's what it might seem like to those of us watching this adoption happen....like all of a sudden they are in Korea getting their little girl!

There has been so much behind the scenes to prepare and get ready. They have been diligent, patient, and dedicated to much prayer and searching the Scriptures during the year and a half that this process has really taken. There have been tears, anger, and the squeals of delight as they received their first pictures of the girl God picked for them!

But God has been in control the whole time! He has been holding Carys in the palm of His hand just waiting for our friends. What a joy to know that He has been monitoring the whole situation. What a pleasure to realize that God has also adopted us into His family...maybe even exhibiting sadness, anger, and then squeals of delight as He has watched and helped us in our growth. What a joy divine to be part of His plan...no matter how small!

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InHisGrace316 said...

This is a beautiful post, Lisa. I'm excited for the family you are talking about!! :)