Monday, November 30, 2009

You Think Sally Was High Maintenance!

Have you ever seen the movie "When Harry Met Sally" ? Do you remember how Sally was "high maintenance"? Well, I have a friend like that and she cracks me up!

Over the years, I have heard my friend ask:

1. What is the base for this sauce? Sour cream or mayonnaise?
2. I want the salad, but I would like the dressing on the side.
3. How is this served? Can I get ______on the side?

(In other words, I have yet to see her order something straight from the menu without changing something)

Well, she topped herself the other day as we ate breakfast at IHOP. The waitress came to our table and was ready to take our order. I give my order (regular off the special instructions), the girls give their orders, and then it's my friend's turn. Here's how it goes:

W: Are you ready for me to take your order?
L: Yes. I would like the pumpkin pancakes with the eggs. I would like the eggs on a separate plate and I would like the pancakes cooked all the way through. I really want them on the griddle for a bit longer than usual. I don't want the middles mushy. Please keep them on the griddle for a few extra minutes. I don't like when the middles are not solid, all the way cooked.
W: (with eyes wide) Will that be all?

Really? Will that be all? What more could there be? I was laughing so hard the whole time I was crying! For those of you who know how I can only imagine how funny this was to me.

Let me end by saying that this is the kind of thing that makes my friend, my friend! I wouldn't change one thing about her! First of all, she provides many hours of laughing for me ( I love to laugh). But she is never, ever dull! I love that! Thanks friend, for all the great times you have given me. I hope they never end.

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Anonymous said...

Just be glad I didn't order any pie. owe me for this one...