Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aslan Is On The Move

This post is probably mostly aimed at the gals from Little Rock with whom I went to church.

Do you gals remember when we all felt so strongly that God was doing something? Do you remember when all those specific prayers were answered in amazing ways? Do you remember the babies that were conceived and then born after pointed, direct prayers for those very babies? Do you remember crying at the grace of God and feeling His very presence?

I do! I remember each and every one of those! It was probably one of the best times of spiritual growth in my life! Seeing the very hand of God intervene in our puny lives. Seeing your faith grow also! Watching the way you began raising your children because God had made Himself so real!

I am in that time again! Now...how do I get so blessed to have this happen to me twice in such a mighty way? I have no clue...I know I am not worthy of seeing God move and work and intervene, and grant grace...I know this...But He is at work in our church and He has allowed me to be a part of it.

I am humbled by His mercy, love, grace!

If you have forgotten those times...please ask God to remind you of it! Get back there and remember that the God of the universe cares about your every issue! He is moving among us!
As they said in Chronicles of Narnia: "Aslan is on the move!"


Jill said...

Praise Jesus that he allows us to sometimes see him at work in the details of our lives. I love that God is alive and active!!

Candice said...

I remember that time clearly! I remember standing in a room with a bunch of strong women laying hands on a friend in prayer that she could conceive and the whole time knowing that you were also praying for me because you knew I was secretly struggling with wanting another child but fearing it would never happen. Thank you for reminding me :) God is good!

Amber said...

What a wonderful reminder of our time together and God working in our lives! God is good all the time!

Sara said...

I'm crying while I read and write just remembering the sweet fellowship of sharing God's goodness with each other. What a blessing to get to see a glimpse of such power!