Sunday, January 10, 2010

80/20 Rule

Have you heard of the 80/20 Rule? It exists most everywhere and is true almost 100% of the time! Even without hearing of it, you are probably living it.

So...what is it? It's the theory that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people. You can plug it in most everywhere!

My question is: what are the other 80% of the people doing?

Are you in the 80% or 20%? If you are in the 80%...why? Do you feel entitled? Do you think events and activities just magically happen all by themselves?

Just wondering....


Melissa Williams said...

I totally agree with that rule!!! I'm in the 20%....don't really know how you get to be in the 80% although it might be nice every once in a while!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep....we are in the 20% group especially when it comes to The Kingdom! A blessing for sure BUT I sure get tired of that 80% complaining and whining! Our philosophy: if you ARE NOT involved...WHY NOT? If you are NOT involved and complain, you need to do 1 of 2 things: A-GET INVOLVED and #2 BEFORE you complain, have a solution to the problem ready to put into action and THEN BE PART OF THE SOLUTION!

Our "company line" when someone complains about this or that during TK, we ALWAYS smile and say "Thank you so much! We are doing our best to address that situation at this time....." It works everytime kids!!!!!!

Also, if you want something done, ask a BUSY person!
But, I agree, too, with Melissa that occasionally, it might be nice to be an 80% person! LOL LOL

Happy New Year Lisa!
Debbie Lindley

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing to me is that the reasons they cite - I'm busy at work, I have children, etc., etc, etc. - don't seem to stop those who do the work despite having a full-time job, children, etc. Basically our children are like that. They complain about having to do their chores, thinking someone else should do the work. Perhaps the 80% just need to grow up and focus outward.


FourGirls 4 and under said...

That sounds pretty accurate, especially when it comes to church. I could name several friends who are in the 20%. I think part of it happens b/c you do one thing, then get recruited to do more and before you know it - Bam! all the time. I'm definitely not in the 20% - I've learned that it's usually better to say "no" than do a job I shouldn't be doing. I like to think we aren't total bums though! Ben, you are so right about the excuses.