Saturday, January 2, 2010

Globes of Gratefulness

I want to instill gratefulness in my children and am always on the lookout for various ideas to help me achieve that. So....the other day a friend sent the basic idea for this to me and I turned it into an activity on gratefulness.
I bought plain glass globe ornaments, provided scrapbook paper cut into narrow strips, and pens. We started out by taking out all the blessings that had been put into our blessing box throughout the year and reading them aloud. Then I handed out the globes and strips of paper to each person.
Each person wrote blessings and things they were grateful for from last year, one on each strip. Then I took the strips and rolled them up on a pencil and placed the curl in their globe. After they were finished, I replaced the tops of the ornaments and we placed them all on the stand in the picture that Bailey brought back from Italy and the IKEA store.
It will set on our mantle for the year and we will do it again next year and place these on the room for new ones!
My kids loved it...young and old....and I think it helped me achieve my goal of helping my kids remember that God has done an awful lot of great things for our family during the year.


Jennifer said...

A very neat idea! A good way to remember the greatness of God and to teach our children to appreciate His blessings.

The 5 Rohrers said...

What a great idea! I will have to add that one to my to-do list. Thanks for sharing!

amy said...

LOVE IT! Right when I saw this I copied it to a Word Document where I have saved neat ideas that I want to do with our kids. Pretty soon you all will have to buy a new tree just for your Gratefulness Ornaments. How neat to be able to open them and read them any time you want. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea!! And, the way you have them displayed is beautiful!