Monday, January 25, 2010

God really overwhelmed me in church yesterday!

As an elder of the church, Ben was asked to say one of the prayers between the time of worship through music and the sermon. In the middle of the song, he gets up and gets ready to walk up to the front. I look over at him....and it hits me! BAM! Two things come to me:

1. How incredibly good looking Ben is! Wondering why he picked me all those years ago and really wondering why he still picks me!...

2. More importantly....amazed at how God has worked in him over the years. Ben was a non-believer when we married...fully convinced of evolution and man's own ability to be a "self made man".

To watch Ben waiting, as an elder of the church, to pray to the God of the universe....well....only tears could flow....only humbleness could be felt....only gratefulness could be expressed at how God has worked!

It was an amazing day!

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