Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun Website!

I wanted to share a really fun website. I know that so many of you moms are always looking for creative, easy, fun things to do with your kiddos....of all ages!

Well...I was just introduced to a site: ! It has step by step instructions for all sorts of things!

My kids and I just made the 5 Minute Chocolate Cake! You put all the ingredients in a coffee mug and bake it in the microwave for 2.5 minutes! Each person then has their own personal cake. It is especially yummy with whipped cream on it!

Ben thought of using these as a welcome for new neighbors! Bake the cake in a mug from your church and bring one for each adult in the house...along with the recipe so that they can do it again. What a great way to be neighborly and witness at the same time!


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Melissa Williams said...

That is a great idea. I'm going to check out that website, thanks for sharing!