Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love God, Serve Others

I have learned something about myself recently. I have learned that one, if not THE, reason that I get involved in so much is that I am afraid others will think that I am lazy.

Why is that?

I discovered this a couple of weeks ago at our homeschool co-op's year end gala. I had chosen not to participate in the planning of the gala due to not being able to add one more thing at that time. I barely was able to get us dressed for the event!

It WAS nice to be able to get to the gala on time and not two hours early. It was lovely to just be one of the crowd and just watch.

The problem came when other moms were up helping to clear tables and I wasn't. It began to bother me....not that I WANTED to get up and clear tables; but I felt like I should.

It was then that it dawned on me that I didn't want all those around me to think badly of me. I was feeling guilty for not getting up.

I am working on this. I want to do things that God calls me to do. I want to serve, but I want to serve for the right motives. I want to love God first, and the serve others from that love.

I think I will be working on this for quite a while!


Amber said...

I'm so glad that you shared this...most of us feel the exact same way! That is another one of your 'wisdoms' that I will always remember from Sunday School...Love God, Serve Others. Glad to be reminded!

Melissa Williams said...

We are so much alike!!! I feel the same way, and yes sometimes it's just nice to be on the sidelines- as little times as that may be for us. I think I sometimes have to make myself step away from doing something so that others may get a blessing from helping out. It's complicated, but we can work on it Lisa!!!! Just know I'm in the same boat as you are.

The Cornelisons said...

Well, the word lazy and Lisa DeBusk just don't belong in the same sentence. You serve way more than most people and take care of your enormous family at the same time! Yes, I said enormous family :)