Monday, May 3, 2010

There IS Hope!

Kally loves to set up a "breakfast cafe. It's a short white table that she drags in from the garage and fills with cereals, yogurts, fruits, etc. The boys just love walking into the dining room and seeing the "cafe" set up!

It brings a smile to my face to see her doing this for others. She really does love to serve other people. It brings warmth to my heart to see my boys, standing there oogling the offerings, pondering what they want to choose. And it brings a laugh to my lips to hear Rawley say, "Oh! I am going to the cafe! What will I pick today?"

These days, my kids are not always so pleasant with each other. But when I see mornings like this, I think there is hope! Hope that they will one day be kind to each other. Hope that they will be able to serve others in similar ways. Hope that they will live out their faith and the words of Jesus!


Cheryl said...

Your little Kali is a darling. She is such a little Mommy! Love the breakfast cafe idea -might steal that one

Anonymous said...

I love Kally! What a terrific little mama. It is so funny to hear that she is doing the "breakfast cafe". She was so thrilled by that at Thanksgiving.