Friday, October 15, 2010

Lisa's Choice

At points in each of my children's lives, I've said the following: "This is the point in your friendship when you need to decide if this relationship is worth pushing through and working it out to get a stronger relationship, or if it's not worth it and you cut off the friendship."

Almost every time, my kids have decided that it's worth fighting for the friendship...working out the problems...and having a stronger bond on the other side! I have been very proud of my kids for this. I think I've helped them develop a way to have healthy relationships as they launch out on their own.

I, too, have faced those same situations and have chosen one or the other. I have a couple of folks that I have chosen to not remain friends with....either too much drama or sucked the life out of me. But most of the time, I have fought through and have several great friends because of it.

I am in that situation again. There is a group and they are so worth working it out! I love these gals and want to deepen my friendships with them. I will be working it out...pushing through...and fighting for these friendships!

Seems like at my age, I should be really settled in this area..but alas, I am still working on relationships. I am grateful that God has provided so many people in my life whom I love dearly!

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