Thursday, October 21, 2010

Princess and the Kiss

Kally and I are participating in a group of girls and moms who meet once a month. We call ourselves God's Girls and we are working through the book Princess and the Kiss. There is the hardback book with the original story and then there is a lesson book.
We are meeting once a month for 21 months! The emphasis is on purity and God's design for the girls. It's a beautiful story.
I am grateful that I have been asked to participate in this with Kally. What a joy! I get to spend some great time with Kally and she gets to spend time getting to know other wonderful young girls learning some new things about God's plan for her.
My goal lately has been to finish well. This is really helping me to do that with the last of my girls!

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The 5 Rohrers said...

Love that! And we love that book...for our girl and for our boys, too. I didn't know there was a lesson book.