Monday, November 8, 2010

Challenge to my Thinking

Our new pastor is challenging my thinking as of late. He keeps making comments like, "When the Spirit moves, and we move out of these walls, you WILL be uncomfortable with who you end up being with within the walls."

Sounds innocent and good enough, but here is my dilemma....

Is church (the physical structure) the place for all the unbelievers was can muster up from surrounding neighborhoods?

Is church a place for folks whom the Spirit has begun to move and they are honestly seeking the answers to what God has placed inside of them?

Is church for the edification of the Saints? A place for recharging and gathering together so that we are stronger to go back out into the world and evangelize?

Is the corporate church charged with evangelism or are individuals charged with evangelism with the church teaching/encouraging the individuals to go out?

I have my own personal thoughts on these things and, at the moment, they are not lining up with the things our pastor are saying. I could be the wrong one. I could be the one that is not thinking clearly. I could be the one that the Lord is speaking to in the challenge to my thinking.

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