Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Public Notice

I know that I have chosen to have 5 kids. I know that they are not perfect. I know that my last child is a bit different and more difficult in some areas than my others. I also know that he is funnier than my others. He makes all of us want to pull our hair out one second and then he turns around and makes us laugh.

I KNOW all of this.

Why are there two people who insist on commenting on my last child just about every time I see them? Why do they feel the need to teach me things about him and how I should be doing things differently? Why do they "tsk, tsk" me as though it is inevitable that he is headed for prison?

To you two: I really do like both of you. I really love my last child desperately. I love him and want more for him than the two of you could ever desire for him (especially since you aren't even extended family of any kind). I am doing my best and yes, there are times I need help with him. When I need it from you, I will ask for it. Until then, could we just have pleasant conversations about just about anything other than my son? Because I really do like both of you!


The 5 Rohrers said...

I think you are a marvelous mom, Lisa!

Amber said...

Do they read your blog!??? HA!
You are doing so well with all your children and I can't believe that someone would comment on Rawley! We have all learned so much from your example of being parents!

The Cornelisons said...

Oh my, the momma bear in me is clawing it's way to come out right now!! I hope that they do read your blog and take to heart that sometimes "advice" is hurtful. I hope that I'm 1/2 the mom you are -- you are awesome and amazing and such an example for everyone. Sure no one is perfect but your unconditional love you show even a child who might be considered by others different is always a great example.

Jill said...

Wow. I'm sorry you are being faced with such an uncomfortable position..I can't even imagine trying to have to bite my tongue. :(

Ashley S. said...

What?! How rude! I know that I am rolling every night when you post Rawley quotes. He's hilarious! Keep up the awesome job!