Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Do You Stop A Train Wreck

I happened to stumble upon a facebook post from a daughter of family friends. It was a puzzling, sad post. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I began to really pray for her knowing that God knew what was happening. Then some concerning pics from the same gal. My heart was breaking and I wasn't even sure what was going on. The praying became more intense.

I finally decided that I needed to message her and offer to help and let her know I was praying. Over the last few days, we have had many messages back and forth. She is allowing (even encouraging) her life to fall apart. She thinks it's for the best. She is very young, 20 years old, and I think discovering for the first time that the "faith" that she had was really her parents' faith and not hers. She is not a believer, though I think it's just now dawning on her. She is discovering new "friends", she has left her husband, she is exploring new (to her) ways of thought...Hinduism, feminism, freedom....

I love that she is willing to talk to me. I am not sugar coating my words. I am talking to her honestly and asking the hard questions. I am praying for her constantly. I hope as you read this, that you will pray for her too. She thinks she is happier, but she uses an awful lot of words to try to describe this freedom she has and I think it's all a mask. I don't think she is lying, I think she really believes what she is saying. But I see a train wreck about to happen.

I have known her since she was about 9 years old. She and Bailey are the same age. I am beginning to really love her and so desperately want to help her. I pray the talking continues. I pray the Holy Spirit talks to her and that she hears HIM because Satan is really whispering in her ear. She wants happiness, HE wants holiness, I want contentedness for her.

She could be Bailey....I would so want someone to speak into her life.


The 5 Rohrers said...

Praising God for your willingness to be bold...and available! Praying God uses you to draw her to Him!

Susan said...

It pleases me to know that you stepped forward and connected with this young person and offered her help along with prayer. Just keep being real with her and introduce her to Jesus.

Kristen and David said...

That is heart breaking to watch someone you care about head down a dark, scary road, especially when it's by their own choosing. I will pray for you both, that you'll continue to speak truth in love and that her ears & eyes will be open to the truth and guidance of the Holy Spirit.