Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mad Smile

Apparently, I have a seemingly invisible sign on my head that reads, "Complain to Me" on it. I get folks coming to me with the strangest complaints and problems.

I also, apparently, smile while I am listening to these complaints. Various members of my family and some friends have noticed that while I am standing with a complainer, I am looking at them with a smile on my face. My family now refers to this as my "mad smile". I think that the complainer doesn't know this and they just think that I am nice and listening.

Who knew? I learn new things about myself everyday!


Anonymous said...

and also it is a great blessing to know people who love Jesus!!!

with smile from Ukraine :)

Falaxy said...

i'm sick of my ever expanding rear end...
that was a complain btw! : )
greets from Saudi Arabia!