Monday, November 15, 2010


Lately, there have been a couple of things that have happened that have been a bit disappointing. Not life or death things, but things that I started to get excited about and then it was decided that they couldn't happen.

Not too long ago, when something like that would happen, I would really get mad! I would fume inside (and out as well)....I would smolder and continue to think about it. I was sure that there was a conspiracy to sabotage the things that I was hoping for.

But lately, I have noticed that, though for a second I begin to feel that same ol' feeling, almost immediately, I am ok with the whole thing. I try to think of a plan B (or C or D) to try to work it all out.

Surprisingly, I feel much better! I let things go more. Though I don't understand the reasonings usually any better than before, I figure that there was probably thought behind it and good reasons.

I would say that's growth and I am so grateful for it!!!


Jill said...

Right where I am too. It's so much more peaceful just handing those things to God...otherwise, it's just miserable...and that's not good for anyone.

AJ said...

Very nice writeup. Brilliant. And perhaps the ideal way to deal with things.