Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ode To Benji

I am madly in love with my husband!!!!
I have learned of late that he hasn't been sure of my unceasing love and respect for him.
So....I want to make it crystal clear!
I think that Ben hung the moon and stars!
I think that when I look in his eyes, I would follow him anywhere.
I feel most safe when he is near.
I feel completely enveloped when he holds me.
I am a bit lost without him (though he thinks that I feel the opposite), but also know that if something happened to him, he has provided me with such security and love that I could get through it....
I miss him when he is away from me...even for a little bit.
He makes me smile and laugh like no one else ever has.
He has stayed with me when it would be much, much easier to walk out and rid himself of me...and because of that, I will forever stick with him like glue.
Though I have girlfriends, he is my best friend.
He always wants to please me and make me happy....what he doesn't seem to know is that he accomplishes that just by being in my life!
I am devastated to the core when I make him sad or disappointed.
He never makes me sad or disappointed.
I love you, Ben! With all my heart....when I see the moon tonight, I know that you will have somehow, without me knowing it, climbed up and hung it, once again, just for me!

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Barry said...

Very sweet and I know that is true because you wrote him such a wonderful love note (ode) and this is hard for girls sometimes. So, Ben, it is true...because she wrote it down for millions to see! :) You guys have always been an awesome couple - love ya!