Thursday, November 27, 2008

50 Things I Am Thankful For Today

1. God's grace and salvation
2. Ben
3. Bailey
4. Darby'
5. Kally
6. Rainey
7. Rawley
8. Friends
9. Family
10. our house
11. Bible study
12. Being at our friends' house for Thanksgiving
13. Safe travel
14. Darby is better
15. Rainey can read
16. Fun trip up to Little Rock
17. All the help we have received from friends
18. Amy Childs being so encouraging
19. Lisa Alsop being so caring
20. The love of so many people
21. Our old SS class
22. God's provision in so many ways
23. Shopping the day after Thanksgiving
24. Our health
25. Stephen's RV
26. Generosity of others
27. Bailey growing into such a beautiful woman
28. Darby helping Kally with Bible study
29. Rawley being so entertaining
30. So much food daily
31. How much Ben loves me
32. How much Ben loves the kids'
33. How kind Ben is to my family
34. How much my Daddy loves me
35. The great friendship of my mom
36. Older women in my life who mentor me
37. Younger women in my life who challenge me to be closer to Christ
38. Laughter
39. Dates with Ben
40. Ice Cream Nights!
41. Being fulltime missionaries
42. Janie Cole's love and acceptance
43. Karen Fergason's challenging me to be better
44. Being American
45. Being able to travel in my life
46. Seeing friends' children maturing
47. Extended family who believe in Christ
48. Seeing people live out their faith
49. Seeing spiritual growth in myself over the year
50. The political ads are over


Anonymous said...

You never included me!!! But, I am your worst enemy!!



Amy said...

I am VERY thankful for you too!!!