Monday, December 1, 2008

Decorating for Christmas!

When we got home from Little Rock, all the kids wanted to do was to decorate for Christmas! I kept telling them that just because we decorate doesn't mean that Christmas will come any faster, but they didn't believe me...insisting that we decorate as quickly as possible. So, we came home from church and began the fun! (We all thought it was fun, except for Ben, who napped during the whole process...he thinks that little elves came while he was sleeping and invaded!)

Our tree cracks me up because in there are about 40 ornaments from Lenox, beautiful, glass, lovely...but all you can see are the handmade ornaments from our kids! I love that! I love in the evenings when we turn all the lights out except for the tree special! Maybe Christmas really does come faster once you decorate.


Melissa Williams said...

Well you know how early we decorate. Luke and I love this time of year! Your tree looks wonderful. I love all the handmade ornaments! Merry Christmas ya'll!

Amber said...

Beautiful Christmas decor! It's such a fun, meaningful time of the year. Would you e-mail me your home address please?