Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do you ever have days where you feel as though you got it right? Days where what you envisioned long ago has come to fruition? Days where at the end of the day, you flop into bed satisfied with your job?

I haven't either! :)...

Just is close to being one of those days for me. I actually did do a bit of school with the girls, which was icing on the cake. But I was certainly Li'l Miss Suzie Homemaker today! The girls and I baked about 8 dozen ginger snaps, made the Pioneer Woman's yogurt marmalade cake, and made white chocolate covered (with sprinkles) pretzel sticks! In between, I cleaned up all my mess, washed the dishes, and delivered warm cookies and milk to Ben for a snack break from work. Now is that being a great wife or what?

I am teaching the Bible study tonight, so I certainly made time to bone up on the lesson. Some of you will remember my excitement at Jewish weddings, and that is what is being spoken about tonight. You can imagine my anticipation!

I will fall into bed tonight feeling like I accomplished much. Shared the love of Jesus with my family. Remained patient and loving the whole day. Didn't raise my voice at all. Didn't have to do too much disciplining. The only other better end of the day I can think of would be if Jesus came back!


Melissa Williams said...

I love days where I feel like I actually accomplished something! We were on the same wave-length today. I made my spaghetti sauce ahead of time for tomorrow night, baked cookies today, and even made supper for a friend whose parents are sick! So I share you feeling of accomplishment too! Luke might feel left out though, I gave him cold cookies instead of warm ones today! LOL!

Nathan, Shelly & Kaleigh said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever done quite that much in one day!:) You give me hope though, that something can be accomplished even with a house full of kids.