Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life Got in the Way of my Plans!

Several days ago, Dec.4, I wrote about a day where everything went right, perfect, just as planned. Ahhh! To remember what that felt like...

Fast forward to today...It started out as a normal day.

To Do List:
1. get new driver's license
2. go to Wal-Mart--oil change, groceries
3. make gingerbread cookies
4. work on homeschool co-op things
5. Bible study

Pretty normal day. Not too out of the ordinary. But then life happened!

1. Got to driver's license place with all paperwork, I think. Then am told that I have to go back home and get my passport. Only added an hour to the errand.

2. Get to Wal-Mart--take car in for oil change, new windshield wipers, and tire balance and rotation. When I go to pick up car am told that I need two brand new tires because two of my tires are about to blow at any minute! Only added $240 that we hadn't planned on.

3. Didn't get home in time to make gingerbread cookies. Only broke a promise to the kids.

4. Got to where I was going to work on the homeschool co-op things late because I wrote down the directions wrong. Only added 20 minutes to the whole process.

5. Had to make quick same-day appointment for Kally because we are worried that she might be exhibiting Type 1 diabetes symptoms. Only added an extra errand and an hour to the list.

6. Got home in time to stir the soup that I had, fortunately, started in the crock pot earlier in the day. Served up the soup to the family. Got a couple of things ready to take to Bible study. Only made it so that I was running around not enjoying my kids before leaving again.

7. Did make it to Bible study with Ben and on time! Only thing on the list that went as planned!

8. Had Ben take the movies back to Redbox before the due time of 9pm and our closest Redbox was not working. Only added a wasted trip and $2 on our credit card.

9. Had to continually tell Rawley to get to sleep and then realized that, once again, he had taken his pjs off and had to find them and put them back on. Only added frustration to my day.

10. Tried to start this blog twice and the computer kept wanting to shut off. Only added more frustration and whining on my part.

So as I get to the very end of this day, I realize that my plan was way too neat and tidy! God has already given me the day, recently, where everything went my way. It was time for life to interrupt my agenda. So $242 extra dollars, several hours added to my plan, and a broken promise later --- how did I do? How did I handle it? Did God smile because of the strength of my character or weep because of my childlike whining and groaning? I must say that I handled it better than I have in the past, and still not as well as I'd like. Growth and yet so far to go! How did you do?


Melissa Williams said...

I've had those days too! Sometimes I think God's proud of the way I acted and other times I think He must be saying...Grow up!! Since I've had this boot on, it's changed the way I see things. I find I'm more patient to wait (although not as patient as I probably should be)...and it helps me to think, well I don't have a job I have to be at at this who am I to complain?

We all have those days! Maybe tomorrow will be better...and just think it's a clean slate!

Amber said...

I think we have all had those days before and I have felt like such a failure...but at least those only once in a while and the rest of the days are productive, I'm a good mother, and everything runs smoothly.

Also, you can call Redbox...1-866-REDBOX3 (1.866.733.2693) and they will refund you the money and usually give you free movie vouchers too!