Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today I was driving to a doctor's appt. for Rawley to get his flu shot...I know..a bit late. But the old adage "Better late than never" is actually in my vocabulary, so...

Anyway, I pull up to the stoplight going out of our neighborhood and wait at the red light. My attention is drawn behind the signal light to a large American flag (next to an equally large Texas flag, I must add). The wind is really howling and the flag is really waving...a picture perfect moment IF I had my camera with me, and IF I weren't the one driving the van...

Instantly, and without warning, I get a bit choked up and emotional. (I'd love to tell you that that is really abnormal for me, but alas...I can't). But this was different...I hadn't just heard a great song on Christian radio that made me glad to know Jesus and I hadn't been thinking about what I will do when my children start leaving the nest. I had only been looking at the beautiful, large, billowing flag. Seven red stripes, six white stripes. Fifty stars. Red, white, and blue.

And it hit me...I love this country.

I love the fact that, though I didn't vote for Obama, there will be a peaceful transfer of power in one month.

I love that we are so diverse, yet one people.

I love that I can drive down the road and see so many churches.

I love the fact that, though I am not Mormon, the two who were in my neighborhood going door-to-door yesterday can go door-to-door.

I love that I can wear a shirt with the word JESUS on it and know that I have the freedom to do that.

I love the variety of cultures, food, languages, and customs we have. (Not that I also wouldn't love having a national language!)

Though I hate that cashiers must say Happy Holidays, I love that I can respond Merry Christmas!

All of these feelings and thoughts came rushing to me in the few seconds I had at that is the quickest light I have ever seen! :) Within seconds, I was off turning onto the road that takes me to the pediatrician for Rawley's visit. I was thinking of other things, having other conversations, and busy with Little Guy. But for a little bit, I was in love all over again, as happens periodically.

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Ashley Sumners said...

Being the one driving has never stopped me from taking a picture before. Ever. :)