Monday, December 22, 2008

My kids would have this breakfast every day of the week, if they could! They like it so much because they can each have what they like the best and they feel as though they have "ordered" breakfast. (Since normally it's an "eat what's been fixed or don't eat till the next meal" rule.)
What you need: freezer ziploc bags (sandwich size), eggs, meat, cheese, any other things you like in an omelet...mushrooms, peppers, etc.
Break open eggs in the bag, put in cut up meat, I use sandwich meat and slice it up in little pieces, pieces of cheese, and whatever else you want. Close up the bag.
Using your hands, mix the ingredients until all mixed together. Keeping bag closed.
Place bags in a pot of water on the stove. It takes about 8-10 minutes to cook. We put 4-6 bags in one pot.
When they are done, take out the bag.
Cut open the bag with scissors.
Slide the omelet out on a plate.

This is what it looks like! You can make these up the night before and write the name on the bag for who it belongs to and then cook them up in the morning. They are great! My kids have asked for them for Christmas morning. So on Christmas Eve, we will all gather in the kitchen and I will have all the ingredients out and everyone will make their own. It will certainly make breakfast on Christmas morning so much easier and everyone gets exactly what they like! I have used these before when the girls have sleepovers and all the girls get to make theirs up the night before. They love it! Enjoy.


Jennifer said...

That looks so easy! What a great idea for a fast yet yummy breakfast. Or snack for that matter! We like to have breakfast food for other meals of the day too! Thanks for that!

Amber said...

I love that idea and the final product looks SO delicious! Thanks for sharing this...we need a "Lisa" book for all your wonderful ideas, recipes, and ways to teach children about Jesus!

Melissa Williams said...

I have read about doing those, but never tried them! I'm going to try them soon. I like the "do ahead" food stuff...makes parties and such so much easier! Thanks for sharing!

Gregg Stutts said...

What a cool idea, Lisa! My kids would love that.

Merry Christmas to you, Ben and your family!